My 14 years as a Chief Artificer Polaris submariner, 6 years as Arabian Gulf Regional Field Service Manager in 1980's Dubai and 6 years in 1990's Nigeria, have instilled self discipline, integrity, loyalty, attention to detail and self motivation.  

I have 20+ years' experience working for ITAM/SAM Auditing Service Providers for both small and large Clients (500 to 120,000 seats) such as: 

     Government Departments                                                       Insurance Companies

     Banks and Financial Organisations                                    Oil Companies

     Construction Companies                                                          Local Governments

     Universities                                                                                       Utilities

 My skill set includes:

     SAM Start-up                                                                                      Hardware Auditing

     Actual License Position (ALP)                                                  Effective License Position (ELP)

     Knowledge of popular Audit tools                                       Knowledge of popular SAM tools 

     Microsoft, Adobe and other major Manufacturers     Other less well known Manufacturers                                                                                            Call 07944 036 242